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Advanced Domain, Account and SSL Management Tools

Powerful features for secure, precision management of accounts, domain names, DNS settings and SSL certificates

Domain and Account Management Toolkit

Delegate domain management tasks in a controlled environment, conduct bulk updates & monitor account activity for enhanced account security.

  • Secure multi-user logins
  • Parent-child account management
  • Account activity tracker
  • Bulk domain management tools
SSL Management Toolkit

Increase efficiency and oversight in your SSL management. Tag, clone, prevalidate and revoke SSL Certificates for simplified management at scale.

  • Instance management
  • Cloning using a new CSR
  • Prevalidation for faster issuance
  • Revocation capabilities
Power-User Toolkit for Domains and SSL

Combines BOTH toolkits together for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

  • All features of the Domain and Account Management Toolkit
  • All features of the SSL Management Toolkit

Power-User Toolkit Features

Domain and Account Management Toolkit

Multi-User Logins and Account Roles

Empower teams to self manage while increasing your account and domain name security. Give authorized staff their own login credentials. Control the level of access different users have by assigning one of six dfferent roles based on their use case and domain management requirements.

Parent-Child Account Management

From your master "Parent" account, create and manage "Child" accounts for business units and clients. Control, manage and oversee Child access, pricing, billing and account permissions.

Account Activity Tracker

Keep master oversight of all the actions taken in your portfolio. Drill down by domain, username, timestamp and bill/invoice number. Every entry is contextualized with system notes and updated in real time for complete transparency.

Bulk Domain Management Tools

Expedite the management of large domain portfolios. Our bulk tools enable users to conduct simultaneous updates on hundreds of domain names at once. Efficiently conduct bulk registrations, renewals, DNS changes, domain forwarding and more.

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SSL Management Toolkit

Instance Management for SSL Certificates

An intuitive interface to view and manage SSL certificate instances issued and installed in your Webnames account. Generate reports of all eligible certificates, clone, revoke and manage through a unified dashboard.

Cloning SSL Certificates

If you use a multi-server architecture which requires the same SSL certificate to be deployed across servers, the SSL Cloning feature enables you to reissue the same certificate from a new server with a new CSR. Save costs on additional certificates to protect each server in your setup and unlock the full potential of your Enterprise SSL certificates.

SSL Prevalidation

SSL pre-validation allows for seamless certificate issuance on subsequent OV and EV SSL certificates for the same organization, as well as certificate renewals within 13-months of the initial validation. This feature is compatible with DigiCert, GeoTrust, and Thawte OV and EV SSL certificates.

SSL Certificate Revocation

Revoke previously installed SSL/TLS certificates which are unused or may have been compromised or stolen due to a private key compromise to protect your company against security risks and abuse. SSL Certificate revocation enables you to nullify the threat of fraudsters and impersonators assuming your brand identity online.

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Power-User Toolkit for Domains and SSLs

Complete Suite of Account, Domain and SSL Management Tools

Includes all of our toolkit features for maximum flexibility, efficiency and security in managing domain name and SSL portfolios.

Designed for enterprises with large domain portfolios where domain names, DNS settings, and SSL certificates fall under the management of multiple individuals or teams.

The Power-User Toolkit provides access to both the Domain and Account Management, and SSL Management feature-sets enabling precise, powerful and controlled management of domains, DNS and SSL by multiple business units or individuals with oversight into all actions conducted within the account.

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Advanced Management Toolkit user

Who Should Use Webnames' Advanced Management Toolkits

Different departments in large organizations interact with domains for different reasons. Marketing, Legal, IT and Finance, to name just a few, typically have their own objectives and use cases. While giving different departments the ability to self manage improves agility and makes good business sense, it can also increase the security risks to a domain portfolio.

With our Power-User Toolkit, account owners can empower business units or clients to independently manage their own domain assets through the provision of unique logins, predefined roles, and limited sets of permissions. Every action that is taken by a within the account is logged, described, and attributed to a user to facilitate transparency, accountability, and oversight.

Advanced Management Toolkit Features Matrix

Domain Names, DNS, Account and SSL Management

  Domain and Account
Management Toolkit
SSL Management
Power-User Toolkit for
Domains and SSLs
Multi-User Functionality with Account Roles
and Unique Logins
Parent-Child Account Management Tools
Bulk Domain Management
Account Activity Logs
SSL Certificate Cloning
SSL Certificate Instance Management
SSL Certificate Revocation
SSL Certificate Tagging

Recommended Features and Services

Account Lock

Restrict control of your domain portfolio and access to your Webnames account to a single IP address, multiple IP addresses, or an approved IP address range.

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Domain Name Monitoring

Identify and monitor for new domain registrations that contain an exact-match or close variation / misspelling of your brand names, trademarks, product names, or other business significant keywords to detect if your brand is being used without your knowledge.

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SSL Certificate Monitoring

Monitor SSL certificates on core web properties to reduce the risk of data compromise and business losses due to website disruptions. With automated scans running 3x daily, changes in SSL certificate will trigger a real-time email alert so you can act fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Power-User Toolkit is a suite of administration tools that help companies manage their domain name portfolios, account security and SSL certificates efficiently. The Power-User Toolkit combines two kits - the Advanced Account and Domain Management Kit and the Advanced SSL Management Kit. The Power-User Toolkit enables multi-user account access with granular access controls, parent-child account hierarchy, bulk domain management, SSL revocation, multi-server SSL installation and other pro features. Organizations or users can also choose to purchase these services either as a bundle or as standalone SSL Management tools or Account/Domain management kit.

Note: The kits listed on this page are "account-level" features and are not per-domain.

Corporations, medium-large businesses, distributed organizations, not for profits, web design agencies and domain investors can all benefit from the various pro features unlocked by these kits. Any organization with multiple teams that requires multiple users to have access to entire or partial domain and SSL portfolios can streamline and improve the security of their web presence using this kit. Domain investors can benefit from the bulk domain administration tools and advanced security tools. Large corporations can benefit from SSL Admin Tools to streamline SSL management.

If the SSL certificates require multi-server installation or revocation, the Power-User Toolkit would be the ideal choice for a user in this scenario. For multi-user access and bulk domain management, the Account and Domain Management kit is adequate.

The Parent/Child Role Functionality allows for one account (the parent) to create and/or assume management functionality over one or more child accounts without requiring a separate password to access them. Parent accounts can manage all aspects of a child account from settings to pricing.

In addition to our Parent-Child child functionality, different Account Roles with defined permissions based on their use cases and domain management requirements can also be assigned by an Account Owner.

With 6 different roles, Account Owners can precisely control who can manage domains and services, make purchases, pay for purchases, access invoices and more. Each user can also be assigned their own unique login credentials and every action taken in the account gets logged in the Account Activity tracker for complete oversight.

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