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Share a $50 referral code for Webnames services with friends and family.

How does our Referral Program work?

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Account Credit and Referral Code Redemption

If you received a referral code

Redeem up to $50.00 on your first purchase of any Webnames service1.
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If you shared a referral code with a friend

Account credit of $50.00 for each new referred user that made a purchase.
Redeem Credits

Referrers can apply a referral code as a coupon in the shopping cart, or complete a purchase by
going to the custom link shared by an existing Webnames customer.

Track your referrals & earnings

Easily track the performance of your referrals on the Referral Tracking section of your Webnames account dashboard. You’ll be able to view the user, credit and the date your code was claimed.

There are no limits to the number of successful referrals you can make (and thus referral credits you can earn). If you were given a referral code, you can get a $50 credit to be used on your first purchase only. If you are the referring party, your account credits will be available until you use them all up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no limit to the amount of credits you can earn by referring your friends, as long as you do not indulge in fraudulent activities.

Sign in to your account and visit the Track Referrals page to get a complete list of all the users you have referred and the credits you’ve earned.

No, the referral credit cannot be converted, transferred or withdrawn as cash — it is valid only for purchase or renewal of products and services on your account.

Yes, you can use referral credits to purchase any product or service offered by To redeem your account credit, simply visit the product page(s) of the product you wish to buy and checkout as you would. On the payment page, select your account credit to pay for the order partially or fully depending on the amount.

If you received a referral link, click on it and you should see a message stating that you will automatically receive a $50 credit to use towards your purchase of $20 or more.

If you were given a referral code, proceed to purchase the domain name, hosting or other product you need and once you are in the shopping cart, look for the “Have a coupon code?” link, then enter the referral code to redeem it for that purchase.

If you are redeeming a referral code that was sent to you, it must be used on your first purchase of at least $20. If your purchase is less than $50, the remainder of that credit will not remain on your account.

If you are the referring party, you can accumulate credits and use them whenever. It will deduct what's been used and the remainder will show as account credits.

1 The purchase must be a minimum of $20 CAD or more before taxes for the referral code to be used. The referral code can only be applied to one purchase and no balance carried forward.

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