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Domain Risk Score: Critical Action Required Needs Improvement Fair Good N/A
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Tests and Threat Analysis Report

Domain Transfer Lock Status Significant Threat

This domain is locked for transfers at the domain registrar.

Recommendation: No additional action is required.

This domain is currently unlocked for transfers and can potentially be transferred to another domain registrar or registrant.

Recommendation: Login to your account at the domain registrar and enable the transfer lock. It is recommended that the transfer lock always remain on unless a planned domain transfer is imminent.

Domain transfer lock status cannot be determined at the moment. Please try again later.

Domain Registry Lock Status Secondary Threat

This domain has Domain Registry Lock enabled and appears to be protected.

Recommendation: No additional action is required.

This domain does not appear to have Domain Registry Lock enabled.

A domain registry lock protects your domain name from being modified, transferred, or even deleted without an additional layer of authentication by the domain registry (the company operating the domain extension such as Verisign for .COM, CIRA for .CA etc.).

Recommendation: If this domain name is business-critical, it is highly recommended that you enable Registry Lock. If the domain is not critical, a domain registrar lock may suffice.

Domain registry lock status cannot be determined at the moment. Please try again later.

Domain Registrar Lock Status Secondary Threat

This domain has Domain Registrar Lock enabled and appears to be protected.

Recommendation: No additional action is required.

This domain does not appear to have Domain Registrar Lock enabled.

A domain lock at your registrar requires an added level of validation for anyone attempting to modify or transfer the domain name, by your domain registrar.

Recommendation: Contact your domain registrar and inquire about enabling the Registrar Lock.

Domain registrar lock status cannot be determined at the moment. Please try again later.

Domain Whois Privacy Status Significant Threat

It appears that your domain name is protected with Whois privacy or uses a contact redaction service provided by the domain registry or registrar.

Recommendation: No additional action is required. View whois lookup results.

Your domain name might be at risk of leaking personally identifiable information including contact details that could lead to spam, phishing and other abuse.

Recommendation: Purchase and enable Domain Privacy Protection for your domain name, or enable it at your current domain registrar. View whois lookup results.

Domain Whois privacy status cannot be determined at the moment. Please try again later.

SSL/TLS Connection Status Significant Threat

This domain has SSL enabled and appears to be protected with HTTPS.

Recommendation: No additional action is required.

We were unable to establish an HTTPS connection with this address.

If this is an active website, either an SSL certificate is not installed or it was not configured correctly.

Recommendation: Purchase an SSL for your domain and install it through your web host.


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How Domain Name Security Scan Works

The Webnames Corporate Domain Security scan helps businesses, IT managers and domain administrators automate a security scan of their domain portfolio and receive recommendations for risk mitigation.

The report analyzes publicly available data about your domain name, including registrant details in Whois records, EPP code status (which is required to transfer a domain), and HTTPS status to determine risk exposure.

To help you meet Domain security best practices, the scan also assesses whether Whois Privacy is enabled, and if the domain has enabled a combination of Registrar locks and Registry locks to protect against domain hijacking.

Assess all of your domain names to create a plan to strengthen security across your entire domain name portfolio.

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Domain Security Risk Mitigation

The risk mitigation strategy for your domain name and broader domain portfolio will depend on the nature of threats detected in this report. Business critical domain names that are flagged vulnerable to domain hijacking risk should be protected with a registry lock while other domains that are in use but not critical can be protected by a combination of registrar lock and the Webnames account lock. In addition, all domain names should be secured with Whois privacy to protect registrant details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The risks indicated in the report are of 3 broad types listed below:

  1. Domain access risk in the form of ease of domain transfer, modification, deletion or DNS updates. Recommended solutions include Registrar and Registry level domain locks.
  2. Domain registrant data risk in the form of registrant information that may be exposed in Whois results. Recommended solution is to enable domain name privacy.
  3. Website HTTPS risk in the form of verifying whether the website at the scanned domain sends and receive data with SSL encryption enabled. Recommended solution is to purchase and install an SSL on the server that hosts this domain.

To simplify mitigation, the recommended solutions are also provided on the scan report, when a risk is detected.

The nature and potential impact of each of these risks may depend on the importance of a particular domain name to your business, purpose of the website hosted at that address, nature of data exchanged with the website and even the size of the organization that owns the domain name.

We have classified the threats that are scanned for this report as "Significant" and "Secondary" to help simplify the assessment for you, but we strongly recommend that you contact our Domain experts for a thorough audit to receive a custom-assessment that is accurate for your unique business needs.

*Please note: This is a fully automated security report provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind. By using this tool, you agree that Inc. does not accept any liabilities or assurances against a security compromise. For a complete assessment of your specific cybersecurity and domain security risks please engage appropriate professional specialists.

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