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Note: We've temporarily had to discontinue this page to monitor for fraudulent activity. Please write to us at with details of your not-for-profit and we will assist you in claiming the offer.

Free .CA Website for Canadian COVID-19 Non-Profit Initiatives

Everything you need to get online, included:

  • A Free .CA domain1
  • Branded email account (eg.
  • Powerful DIY 1-page website builder
  • Mobile-ready website templates tailored for restaurants

Free for one-year to Canadian COVID-19 non-profit community, health,
humanitarian or education initiatives.

Start Building

In these challenging times, we want to help your initiative make a positive impact quickly, easily — and at no cost!

Valid only for Canadian non-profit initiatives on a first-come first-served basis. One free LiteSite per person or group. Offer is available for a limited time and to a limited number of users.4

Easy Drag and Drop Website Builder

LiteSite desktop mobile mockup

Launch Your Website in Under 60 Minutes

LiteSite is built for simplicity, speed and style. Use our beautiful templates, easy-to-use builder interface and nifty features to launch your own website in less than an hour. LiteSite makes building websites effortless and fun, just as it should be!

Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

Attract more visitors to your website and measure website traffic analytics using popular tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Audience insights. Boost the search engine rankings of your website by editing website header attributes like page title, meta description, tags and more to make your website easier to find on Google.

Analytics and seo
Section editor

Feature-Rich Section Editor

Add buttons, maps, social links, videos, images and text to each section with the ability to embed rich media such as Youtube videos, Google Maps directly on your page. Duplicate sections in a single click to add more content that requires similar formatting, to save time and effort. If you made a mistake while editing a section, you can always undo your last action with one click of a button.

Note: Your 1-page website can use a maximum of 5MB of space including uploaded images and text. You can use
an unlimited number of resources such as images or embeds that are hosted externally.

Included with LiteSite

Branded Email Account

  • Professional email ID (eg.
  • 500 MB email storage
  • Advanced anti-virus and anti-spam protection
  • Seamless upgrade to Business Email

Comprehensive Security with HTTPS

Your website built with LiteSite is protected with HTTPS by default, using a LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate that is pre-installed. This means that all the traffic to and from your website is encrypted using the latest standards and boosts your website's SEO and trustworthiness.

How to Create a Website with LiteSite
Website Builder

Publish your website in 3 easy steps with LiteSite:

Select a template

Select a template

Update text and images

Update text and images

Adjust layout and images

Adjust layout and images

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a website design expert or developer. LiteSite includes professionally designed templates and allows you to drag and drop elements of your page to create a beautiful website.

LiteSite is designed to be easy to use for just about anyone and does not require any prior knowledge of programming, or design or HTML. You can use LiteSite Website Builder just like you would use a word processor or your email application.

Your LiteSite one page website is built on our secure Canadian servers and you do not need to purchase a separate plan for it. Unlike vanilla web hosting, LiteSite does not need you to install and upload files, and gives you access to a website editor screen directly.

Your LiteSite one-page website can use a maximum of 5 MB of space for uploaded text and images. You can check your current used storage quota on the LiteSite editor screen in the top right corner. While that may not sound like much, you can always embed an unlimited number of images or files that are hosted externally. To learn more, contact our support team.

Currently we do not offer a upgrade to storage on LiteSite, but you can always transition your website to our Wix or WordPress Website Builder plans, which include unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as a fully functional multi-page website that supports features such as e-commerce, forms and databases.

Yes, each default template on LiteSite is designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Any edits you make while adding your content will ordinarily not impact the responsiveness, but we recommend that you test this out by loading your published LiteSite website on a variety of devices.

LiteSite Website Builder themes are designed to be flexible options that fulfil the needs of most popular one-page website requirements. You can edit colors, sections and blocks across the page, but currently you cannot build your own template for LiteSite. If you would like to build your own website from scratch, we recommend that you explore our Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting options to design a custom website.

You can install any analytics tool of your choice such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights tag etc. if they require you to place a simple JavaScript tag. To install the analytics tracking tag, open your LiteSite Editor and use the ‘Metadata and Scripts’ option from the Site Settings menu on the top right of the editor.

You can increase traffic on your website by adopting digital marketing strategies as well as offline marketing methods. We recommend that you follow Search Engine Optimization best practices, consider online advertising on platforms such as Google Adwords, actively posting on social media channels and including your website on all your offline collateral such as business cards, pamphlets etc.

The LiteSite Website Builder plan includes only one email inbox, but you can upgrade to Business Email and purchase additional accounts while retaining the website built using LiteSite.

If your current website is a one-page website with no databases or dynamic content, you may be able to recreate the same using LiteSite's incredibly powerful drag-and-drop website editor. You will need to rebuild the website by choosing the template that most closely resembles your current website and updating each element to fit your needs; an automatic import option for websites does not currently exist.

When you publish your website using LiteSite, it comes pre-installed with a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate that ensures that all traffic to and from your website are securely encrypted. This SSL certificate will be automatically renewed as long as your LiteSite remains active and in a ‘published’ status. You will not be able to replace this SSL certificate with another, or reuse this certificate for another domain or website.

If you require a multi-page website with a drag and drop website builder, we recommend our WordPress Website Builder that helps you build a fully featured site using WordPress and BoldGrid. This option will also enable you to customize your website with add-ons and extensions as well as include features such as e-commerce storefronts, web forms and more security options including branded SSL certificates.

  1. LiteSite, Domain, SSL and Email all for the regular price of your domain for both new purchases and renewals for Classic pricing tier customers. When pairing a domain which is on promotion, LiteSite is priced to reflect the domain at its regular price.
  2. For all other customers, LiteSite, SSL and Email (bring your own Domain), for {0}/month for both purchases and renewals.
  1. When adding LiteSite to an existing domain, you will receive a prorated credit toward your LiteSite purchase based on the amount of time remaining in your domain registration and the amount you paid.
  2. LiteSite, Domain, SSL and Email all for the regular price of your domain for both new purchases and renewals for Classic pricing tier customers.
  3. For other customers, LiteSite, SSL and Email (bring your own Domain), for {0}/month for both new purchases and renewals.

1 - You can choose any available (non-marketplace or premium) .CA domain name to register. The domain name you choose will renew when you renew your LiteSite order in 1-year. If you are adding LiteSite for free to an existing domain name you have with Webnames, you will not receive another domain name for free.
2 - The email account included with LiteSite offers 500MB of storage space and can be seamlessly upgraded to our Business Email for more storage or additional accounts.
3 - HTTPS is provided by a preinstalled SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt, which renew and get reissued automatically. This product does not currently support the installation of other SSL certificates.
4 – Your LiteSite package which includes the .CA domain, SSL, email and website builder will renew at the standard price after 1 year from your purchase. It is limited to 1 domain name and litesite per business and/or individual. Webnames reserves the right to end or withdraw this offer at any time with no explicit reason.
* LiteSite requires a minimum 1-year purchase and can only be renewed for 1-year subsequent terms since it includes a domain name.

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